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LOTR Valentines

I found these while going through the pictures on my laptop. I think I made them a week ago, in hopes of creating another set.

But I don’t think I’m going to do it. So here, have 2 extra corny lotr valentines.

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LOTR Valentines

I just wanted to have them all in one post. 

Now that I look at this…wow. THERE ARE ACTUALLY 40.

It’s just hitting me.

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LOTR Valentines

Christopher Lee, I am so sorry. 

OKAY. THIS IS IT! I am done. This is my last set of LOTR Valentines. I’m glad everyone has liked them. And thank you so much to everyone who’s given me suggestions. I can finally stop bothering you. XD

I’m thinking of doing musical ones next…but this took so much time I might just not make anymore valentines in general.


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Okay, so granted not all of these are dirty. They’re more corny/stupid. I still have 10 more to make then I am DONE! Which means a total of 40 LOTR Valentines.

Part 2 of the LOTR Valentines

Here is part 1.

You guys better like these….PLEASE LIKE THEM.

You what the next batch are going to be? They’re going to be dirty. Tralala’s.

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These were way too much fun to make. 

I really love my Sauron one. I’m not gonna lie.